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Hi there, my name is Chriss Sather and I am a print and web publishing designer & consultant.  I am the operator of this website and the designer and creator of this business.  This pic is my online avatar.
I'm located in Princeton BC Canada.

I'm here to help you get your online presence set-up and working the way you need it to, so you can do business the right way; from your own website.  I have been learning all about this business and building websites for about 5 years now and I have a strong working knowledge of the environment and an excellent business relationship with my partners.  

My goal is to get you as a client/customer and keep you.  
I'm committed to work with you to get things done; the way you need it to be to succeed online. Social Media is not enough; you need your own location!  

There are other popular hosts out there but they are not as good to work in as this host.  I've tried many of them and they are difficult to navigate, expensive and time consuming which costs you more money and frustration.  I'm here because it's the best I've found on the internet.  It's fast, easy to work in environment.  

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Chriss Sather
Kathouz Publishing

PO Box 1871
Princeton, BC V0X-1W0
Cell Phone: 250-273-1483